I am a 49 year old (as of June 19 2017) single mom who works as a virtual assistant Philippines. You can outsource your life to me and let me help you balance your work and personal life with an unmatched dedication and completely effective communication solutions. I could be your arm extension for your administrative and online marketing tasks.


Being an Industrial Engineer, I am creative and boldly innovative. I can help you set up your workflow and systems while I manage your admin. Building customer rapport is important to generate repeat sales.


You can trust me to serve you and your clients with kindness, promptness, with high regard to confidentiality, and with very keen attention to detail. Given that most of the correspondence will be via email or online chat, you can trust me, as a good writer/blogger, to live up to your brand image and reputation in a friendly, clear, concise, and usually without error customer support.


Personality-wise, I am cool and relaxed, but also driven to get things done. My motto is “getting things done.” I can be available at times you need my support most or just like my other customers, you can go have a vacation and let me handle your online business for you.


I am a great virtual executive support for your business or your career. You may leave your social media microblogging to me to increase your internet presence and build your brand reputation.


I am a highly organized virtual assistant with strong writing/ blogging skills. I have strong communication skills and great, friendly personality for customer service. I have a smartphone so you can reach me when you need me. I am internet/ web savvy and is open to learning new online marketing skills or tools.


Do you want to focus on developing your marketing strategy and closing deals? Leave your repetitive tasks to me. I have a can do attitude you would surely like when you need to launch new projects. Message me now to book for this month. Thank you.