Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant (Homebased)

Shirley Chio Virtual Assistant Philippines Work From Home
Shirley Chio Virtual Assistant Philippines Work From Home

Shirley Chio can help you grow, manage and provide support for all your business internet marketing campaigns. As a virtual assistant and blogger since 2006, she has sufficient knowledge and experience in communications, customer support, marketing internet business, advertising, and social media.


I am a self-starter who thrives in a fast paced environment. I possess a positive can do attitude and I am a very proactive person with the willingness to learn and adapt to the changing digital world. My level of social media literacy is proficient for the tasks assigned to me.


I have proficient listening skills with a great desire to interact with people. I have a moderate level of relationship building skills proficient in maintaining client engagement.


With a brand development mindset, I mean to nurture leads and hopefully convert them into paying customers. Through social media marketing, I expect to grow your business by generating new leads organically so you can save online marketing cost from Adwords and other channels.


I will only post relevant topics that can address the needs of your target audience. Behavioral targeting based on comments, reactions and interactions  (engagement)may earn better conversion rates with a meaningful brand experience.


These experiences establish an emotional connection and trust that would gather together people who believe in what you do! I literally can build brand awareness through your social media platforms.


With social media, the lead nurturing process would be more personal and highly targeted. Just do it right! There would be times when qualified prospects come to you before you know who they are. Seed nurturing is possible when the content is especially targeted in solving the problems of your audience.


I am more on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Simply put, results are built over time. The lead nurturing process through social media is about time and building loyalty.


I can provide custom written free content to build trust! To create a shareable content appropriate for your brand, research is always done first before anything else. This way, it would be easier to optimize and nurture your leads. This lead nurturing strategy can drive consistent, relevant traffic as well as generate new organic leads.


All of the tasks involved may mean having more time spent on research and creating the content. I have the innate ability to listen, observe, and explore new ways to identify your potential leads needs and behavior.


Online marketing is not an easy task. You need a dedicated virtual assistant to help you with your brand building and social media marketing long term.


Do you need a virtual assistant to help you with your online internet business? Message me