Services And Payments

My Services

Virtual Admin Assistant – US$6 an hour

PhD Assignment Help/Research – US$15 per 300 words (APA only)

Article Writing/ blogging – US$7 per 400 words

Resume Writing – US$30 a page

Bookkeeping – US$15 an hour

Social Media – US$15 an hour

Sponsored Tweets are accepted – TBD

Sponsored Posts are accepted – TBD


My Blogs


At the moment, 2019, I would prefer monthly than the hourly for all services except blogging and article writing. My minimum acceptance is US$400 a month.



Western Union only at the moment. Net of Fees. You pay the transfer charges. All payments should be in US Dollars. Let’s start. Work with me. I only accept 2 clients at a time. I don’t waste your money so don’t delay my pay. I am Payment Upfront!