How I Became A Virtual Assistant?
Suffering from a herniated disc can totally change your life. People often times call it as bulging disc, slipped disc or simply pinched nerve. The pain radiates from my L4S1 lower back part and then continue downwards to my left leg but there are times that the pain really goes up my left shoulder. The uncomfortable tingling nerve pain from my sciatica has caused me harrowing nights as sleep began to elude me in addition to the stress I already have from my pressing housing loan dues and domestic struggles.

In October 2006, I was diagnosed of lymphangioma. There was a growing soft lump in my right neck which made the doctor advise an immediate surgery. Although the lab test result was benign, my doctor still insisted on removing the cyst to prevent the spread. I had my surgery in March 2007. Let me share my feelings about it.

The visits to the clinic and the test would be less painful if your family at least make you feel loved but only my mother made sure I feel her presence every step of the way from a distance. She lived far but calls me everyday and shared the experience of what I had gone through.

How I came to know I had it? My colleague at the bank who just transferred to the branch noticed that the right side of my neck was bulging, a small lump, not that small maybe because he noticed it. I did not really believe him, but he was so freaked out that the expression of his face convinced me to go for a medical checkup right on that very weekend. And yes, he was right!

To tell you, my journey to the knife and the table was never a pleasant one. I have five kids and they were still small. At that time, it felt like, Good Lord, what a life. Felt like I can’t breathe! I was still in the middle of a financial crisis of the housing loan we had and I definitely do not need another one. The struggle has been quite overwhelming. On top of it, I was alone in my struggles and never had any moral support from my husband.

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