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You are absolutely responsible for how long you let what hurt you haunt you. Forget the past and bury the pain. Make plans to get out of your misery. Let go or they will stay with you! When in difficult times, don’t just sit around. Do something worth melting hearts where God can see your faith and for God to show in your life.  While the storms of life sounds and looks not that manageable, you will learn and grow from these experiences. There are lessons to learn in pain. It can be horrible but it is the most truthful teacher of all time.

Never ever give up. Take the leap of faith and make a change so you can live the life you want. Don’t worry about time because we all breathe, move and live in God’s perfect timing. Of course, everything happens in God’s time, not yours. You can’t fix everyone or change everything overnight so stop the pressure and don’t go through life stressed, feeling on the edge! Stay in faith. Do your best and just let God be God. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall. Just pick yourself up and start walking again. Keep in mind that your failures in the past do not define your future.

Break the fear that’s paralyzing you. Get over your frustrations. Those moments of brokenness were created to make you stronger and rebuild your foundations in life. Understand how you survived when God stretched His Hand and said, “I got you!” It is not your will but God’s to put you to where you are now so you can find your way back home to YOU. The only trees that survived in a catastrophic windstorm are the ones that have learned to bend. It is because you acknowledge resiliency that allows you to bend without having to break.

Indeed, during the typhoon Odette in Cebu that scary night of December 16 2021, I have seen tough, strong, big trees being uprooted and toppled down but the bananas and moringa oleifera malunggay trees were still dancing and swaying with the light wind. During those days, I was really wondering what message God is trying to send to us. The Cebuanos are the ones I found most remarkable, helping each other and not a single complaint. They accepted what has befallen, not broken but stood in faith helping each other. They were bent and helpless but still helping each other.

I understand that many entrepreneurs and SMEs were closed and are having difficulty getting back to normal business these days. Besides prayer, you can do a little something to be heard. How do you exactly plan to get through life after having experienced failures (plural) and depression (due to failures) with the pandemic and the heartless Odette? As a virtual assistant, I suggest you rebrand and learn to create your personal brand. Yup, we have been quite stubborn to accept that the landscape of selling and marketing has changed a lot since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. As the President of the Philippines, Bongbong Marcos, said in one of his interviews. We are unable to go back to the old ways at this time because it is definitely not coming back. A lot has changed with the crashed of the economy at the start of the pandemic so you need to go with the flow of the digital landscape.

Here is a tip
Build your personal brand right on your own Facebook page. Start with an inspiration. Remix to make your own. You can either personalize it or simply curate it. Add extra flair and personality to your voice. Amp up the flair. If not successful, then you may need to repurpose your content and set your KPIs. Tweak and start again until you get what your target audience wants!

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