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Your dream is just a click away and if you don’t work to achieve it, then nothing good happens. Build your personal brand online, dare go beyond the limits and be your own marketing tool selfie headshot master. If you are just starting on growing your business online, you can very well turn your beauty into one of your marketing tools. Keep in mind that appearing everyday on your audience feed can in time make them click and read about your offer. Design customer experience and improve touchpoints.

People are naturally curious so make sure this sense of exploration doesn’t get lost in your content. Design your content in a way that they follow and build their sense of creativity within the construct of their problems. In short, give them virtual experiences that build their interest and always keep in mind that most people are prone to get interested only with short text messages or quotes rather than reading a bunch of paragraphs. With this idea, keeping everything simple is not a bad strategy after all because oftentimes, designing a curious life can be more effective with a mere half conversation rather than a whole conversation. But how do you do just that?

Your posts initiate conversations while conversations build links. Take your conversations with you using apps or Linkedin and Facebook and Twitter messengers. Be prompt in answering customer queries and in the process gain one-on-one personal engagement so you can open up more opportunities. Make each post or chat count when you give value to your prospects or leads time spent the moment they click on your message call-to-action button asking about your business, service or product.

Be who you want to attract and attract what you want by being what you want. Build connections and start conversations because with every conversation, you build links! Research says that humans spend an average of just 47 seconds on any screen before shifting attention. It takes at least 25 minutes to bring attention back to a task after an interruption. And social media including modern entertainment amplify our short attention spans and in most cases, we interrupt ourselves more than we’re interrupted by others. A study conducted by Microsoft Corp indicates that people now generally start to lose concentration after about eight seconds. This figure has been falling over the years and is now at an all-time low.

Is your digital media presence generating leads? Here’s what causes the change. The declining attention spans generally impact your social media content marketing efforts. One of the main reasons why attention spans are falling is due to the sheer amount of information that is being presented to people everywhere. We now have so much information available for us to consume and so little time to consume it in. Content is increasing in volume which exhausts our attention. Our desire for newness even made it worst when we switch between topics without even completing anyone of them. This means that individuals who spent more time flipping between short activities on the internet required greater and greater cognitive effort in order to maintain that same level of focus and concentration. And yes, this presents a huge challenge for brands when it comes to getting their marketing messages across.

It is time to make things simpler and better. Know which market segment to focus and design your content to catch their attention. Each piece of content should have only one main idea with eye catching and colorful visuals that evoke emotion. You may need to repurpose your content into multiple formats (video, infographics, GIFs, memes, etc.). As recently as 3-5 years ago, brands were seeing awesome organic reach on Facebook and YouTube by creating great quality video content. Of course, it didn’t take long for more and more marketers to realize this, and so content creation increased at a rapid rate. Additionally, it became the norm for brands to have a social media presence and digital content strategy. It is not the end of the world yet because you can adapt your strategy and embrace new, untapped markets. While sharing content that you love has never been easier or quicker, it would be sad to say that interest also fades fast.

Whether or not you believe in content shock and a drop in attention span, it’s clear that audiences are crying out for alternative options to the mindless scroll. Trending topics rise and disappear faster than ever. Clearly, the amount of coverage a topic gets or doesn’t get influences the public’s perception of what’s important and if you just wait a few days, people will have forgotten. The problem is likely to grow worse too, as media, entertainment, and advertising companies get better at knowing how to capture attention and target individual users. As competition grows more intense in the attention economy, our individual attention might get more frazzled than ever.

Engage your customers instantly! Get more leads and drive sales when you chat your prospects online to as little as an hour a day or max of 2 persons a day. Increase product sales, customer engagement, generate qualified leads and deliver instant support through personalized conversations in Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger. Twitter direct messages and more. Pick one and go for it one at a time. This is where contextual marketing becomes important to outperform competition.

Contextual marketing refers to offering potential leads or customers the opportunity to interact with you when they are engaging with your service or products on your website or mobile platforms. Chat marketing is one of the best examples of contextual marketing and is one of the quickest ways to engage with customers and convert potential leads into loyal customers. A recent study by Facebook revealed that customers are more likely to transact with a business that offers chat functionality on its website. Live chat lets customers connect instantly with business representatives to gain access to information regarding its products or services. Responding faster to customers increases leads and also speeds up the sales cycle. The longer you make your customers wait, the closer you are to losing out on potential leads.

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