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Sometimes we just have to get out of our comfort zone and live the kind of life we desire. Stepping outside of our comfort zone pushes us out of our shell, makes us wear a face that shows self confidence, and at least motivates us out of need to upgrade our skills. When things are not going our way, a change may be needed to move forward and reach new goals. The decision can be scary and no matter how slow, the pace can be quite uncomfortable. Finding the courage can be truly difficult. Getting the right support is essential to the process, but most people may not have the network to cling to, not even for emotional support. It may be a highly emotional process for some. We should be clear of what we want to become!

Accept the discomforts brought by the change. Get social and learn how to communicate. The fear of being rejected would be very high at the start but it is okay. In my experience, there are many ways people show rejection or sophisticatedly ignore your presence. Don’t get entitled to any affection from any of them. Rejection can be a sign of starting new friendships. As long as we don’t depend on them for our food and basic needs, we can definitely keep our distance to save ourselves from hurting.

Baby steps is the most viable solution if you want to become better at something and out of depression. Hang out with people who have the same interest as yours. Their attitude will take a direct toll on behavior so let us choose wisely who we make friends with. Taking the risk may involve a lot of failures and setbacks that will often make you look foolish. Would be nice to roll with the punches with people who won’t backbite within hearing distance. Yes, people can be too much if your pocket is literally out of fuel.

Embrace life and whatever difficulties that comes with the change. We do not have to compete with others because we are not making the change to live on their shoes. We make the change to make a new direction for whatever that goal is for ourselves. One best option is to change our daily routine which means revisiting our priorities. Be able to tell which activity we need to put in more time. Just not so long ago, I choose my virtual assistant work over other side gigs because it simply is my bread and butter. So, it is but right to choose the one who is there for you when you are struggling and in dire need.

The right choice will enable you to live a more focused life. While staying inside our bubbles offers instant comfort, we often see ourselves sacrificing what could have been. Sacrificing our potential for better possibilities might just get flushed down the drain if we don’t act on the thought of what might have been. Our comfort zone is that virtual space usually populated by our past long time friends or close family members who may still be there or may have move out of our inner circle, but it does makes sense to say that each of us has a different definition of what occupies that space.

It is necessary for us to break out of our safe, centered spot if things tend to pull us down to the bottom of helplessness. Through routine change and constant learning, we can jump one or two steps to make the desired change which is growth. Not making the right choice can make the ambition disappear resulting in a drop of performance. The possibility of failure is not easy to overcome especially when you are struggling with depression. Not many people understand this.

Staying in a space that is already filled with tension to exhibiting optimal anxiety may cause labored breathing, headaches, weakness, or worst to having aneurysm. An aneurysm is a bulge in a blood vessel caused by a weakness in the blood vessel wall, usually where it branches. As blood passes through the weakened blood vessel, the blood pressure causes a small area to bulge outwards like a balloon. This can burst and cause hemorrhage. If you experience these symptoms, please find the courage to communicate. I know at times, we feel being shut out from our family’s lives but we don’t literally need to shut down ourselves.

Find a hobby such as photography and learning the skill of creating better videos. This can keep you occupied and inspired at the same time. At the end of day, this can make you earn money online as a side gig. I know it is not easy to struggle with depression so reach out to people who can help you grow your skill and at the same time help you earn. I am writing this article for awareness about how lethal depression can be. You do not need to be rude and make fun of people experiencing this. My daughter’s friend died two weeks ago from a vein that burst and bleed him to death. The sister of my friend hanged herself last year at Christmas time during Odette. All were not expected to happen. Things just happened fast. As I have said, we the living ones need to change with how we deal with people, whether depressed or not. Be tactful and be respectful. You just might save a life!

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