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There are many stories about people getting jobs through online connections nowadays. Indeed, though impossible it may seem, this practice is becoming very common nowadays. When you share or comment on the content or post of others, you are initiating some form of interaction that fosters genuine connections. Honestly, this act is a very smart thing to do considering that social apps do not want you to connect with people you do not personally know. Largely depending on your art of building relationships, this technique fully demonstrates your ability to network including your interest in maintaining meaningful connections. Think of your interactions and content as a resume of your work while your profile feed perfectly gives a glimpse of your overall personality as well as demonstrates your professional attitude. Actually, keeping in touch is more of an art than science and depending on the dynamics of each specific relationships you’ve gained, it would simply look just reaching out in a friendly way without a pitch and yet, helps build the business. Although genuine relationships develop naturally over the course of being connected, there are times it may require a bit of a push. Curating content and sharing related posts means taking a fresh approach to the types of useful information and updates you share with your network.

The thought of making these employers find you above everything else is quite an amazing process. For example, you can join several groups on different social apps such as Facebook and Linkedin. Groups offer thousands of opportunities. They are widely focused and you just choose those that are related to your niche. Search and find the groups that matches and discusses the same insights whose members can link around your personal brand or topics that give more information where everyone appreciates what anyone shares with respect and tact. Conversations can be intimidating and scary at time considering that some people can be frankly brutal and rude in their interactions. Well, keep in touch but stay away with this kind of personality. Smile and do your best to connect and gain meaningful conversations.

Don’t be afraid to comment and join the conversations because that is exactly what social media is about. If you simply join a group and don’t participate, you won’t gain any of the benefits that you are expected in that specific community such as building your personal brand. With eyes open wide and chin up, jump into discussions and calmly add your unique insights. Indeed, you can get to enjoy more value from your social life online if you decide that to first build a great professional brand image on social media is a number one requirement and a priority in building brand awareness. To start with the process, you have to create a formal username such as your real name and family name. If you are aiming to create your own personal brand, then it would be wise to use your real first and last name. Filling out your bio would also likely tell people who you are and what you do. For your sake, please don’t leave it blank. Doing this keeps your brand voice, image, persona, and tone consistent across social apps.

Personal brand names should be simple, self-explanatory, concise, and formal. Your time is valuable, but so is social media. Avoid using nicknames and slang. You should know how to make the most of each platform and what makes you connect to your audience in a good, easy way. While enterprise companies have the luxury of dedicated resources and time, small businesses need to be creative with their approach. You need to be smart about how you’re using social media to reach your target audience. You can’t just throw money and time and hope it would do fine. If you want to compete, you need to get online but do it right the first time.

Your profile is your resume and that is the same anywhere. Speak and write in a formal tone. Writing and speaking in a formal tone shows that you are direct, concise, and respectful. When it comes to social media, the method that has been proven successful over time is to talk like a human being without ads or maybe less selling. Speak and take a conversational approach but be formal and professional. Ditch the corporate tone. Quit plugging and just start a conversation! Every marketer knows that it is truly difficult to attract the right people to engage on your content but you can spend hours crafting what comes out of your feed so they know you exist. You may share an influencer’s post and see how it goes.

Know that sticking to your defined persona is incredibly important. Brewing the tone of voice that works best for your brand may support your approach. There are many personal branding guides online that you can use to determine the best fit for you. Following your brand guidelines helps control people’s perceptions. I am highly convinced that you should create the guideline at the start of your branding process because it would be so easy to damage a reputation when one of your profiles shows up with a content or images that don’t match your brand’s voice. It might be helpful to study the profiles of brand influencers and notice how their followers respond to what they post. Learn best practices from their personal branding strategies and execution. Know what makes their content relatable.

Know that profile photos are one of the important features of your profile and that being said, this definitely includes your header image. Have you taken a look of your profile image? First impressions are critical and your profile picture makes that first impression. Use a professional headshot for your profile photo. Let your profile picture speak well for you. A high quality profile picture leaves a great first impression. If you are trying to build your personal brand online, you cannot do without one. A good photo will help you stand out from the crowd. Take one with good lighting and facing the camera. Because it is expensive to hire a professional photographer, you may try to take a selfie and then crop it. I have done that and the result came out awesome.

Everyone knows that first impressions have a significant impact on how people perceive you. Yet so many people ignore the quality of their profile picture across all of their social media platforms, not just on LinkedIn, but Facebook and Twitter as well. As a result of these poor images it is possible they get easily dismissed in searches. In the online world, we only get one chance to make a good first impression and that would be your profile picture. As simple as it sounds, there are two reasons why people click on your profile – the company you work for and how you look. If one of them doesn’t cut it, chances are people will skip past your profile.

Both big and small brands can benefit greatly from social media so when it comes to your personal branding, it’s important to invest some thought and resources into it. You don’t need to be on every channel but you need to have a good representation of yourself out there. It’s better to choose one and do it right. If you can do three, great, but don’t water down your reach or you’ll spread too thin. Be consistent with graphics, color, style and language, and even post frequency. If it is convenient and if you are comfortable, you may want to restrict your post on your work and field. But if you only have one profile, it would be quite fun to share some personal photos and views as long as it helps give your content some direction and structure.

Take photos and videos that shows off your work. Posting about your work on social media allows you to showcase your skills. Just be a fun and relatable person because definitely, social media is all about perception. Though you can make people believe whatever you want them to believe, still you should create a favorable professional brand image. Bear in mind that they would relate to you based on the brand image you create for yourself. It doesn’t really matter about the lower half of your body, as your picture should be of your upper body but your attire should show what industry you are in. Simplicity is a must and this word speaks volumes. Keep everything simple.

Smile, or at least look approachable and polite. No one wants to connect with someone who looks like they have an attitude. Either do it well and become the best you virtually, or not at all and deactivate your account. Ouch, frankly, I need to revisit mine again. So your profile picture is key to your personal brand and online networking. It has an impact on your job opportunities and ultimately, your career. Fixing your picture is a one-time action that gives you lasting benefits. So invest some time in the most important aspect of your online presence. You’ve seen thousands of social media profile pictures. You see dozens every day. And every time you see someone’s profile picture, you form an impression of that person. In a split second, you decide if they are likable, trustworthy, smart …or not. You judge them. Figure it out!

Post frequently. If you’re not posting, you’re not visible, so focus on the frequency. Your brand’s profile across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, your company blog, and anywhere else it appears, should be unified and in line with your brand identity. Don’t post for the sake of posting. Keep social media posts relevant, meaningful, and simple. Stay relevant, relatable, simple, but also try to vary your post. The more relevant your posts are, the more success you will have – but relevance, in general, is not enough. You need to take the time to truly understand your audience. Start with the general demographic information and then go deeper. Social apps have analytics. See what posts are getting noticed.

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