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The best way to sell your services or products is to reimagine your customers user experience. As an online marketing sales person managing inquiries and information requests, the role may mean one thing and that’s being ready with the much needed information that is supposed to help any potential customer understand your brand and in the process gain brand trust. Without the knowledge and tools in place, it would be difficult to get even a 15 minute appointment for discussing anything. In this case, the key to start building brand awareness is most likely using the social media. In fact, the social media provides the perfect setting for both small and Fortune 500 companies to improve brand awareness, build brand equity, and connect their brand name with credibility, value, and solutions. With the social media, creating a road map for a low cost marketing strategy is very possible and practical!

Everything is possible through social media content marketing especially when building brand personality and awareness. Reaching customers without borders is doable even if Facebook would program its app to show feed and some features only in specific regions. Focus on what truly matters and be consistent with your branding. Build a stronger foundation and bring your personal brand to life through creative expressions. Remember that communities and relationships are sustained only through constant interactions and consistent posting of relevant messages tailored to the right audience. Most brands were not successful in reaching out and miserably failed to get the attention of their target market simply because of the campaign’s inability to communicate the message clearly to its well scrutinized segmented target audience. Tell you what, this is really disappointing. Imagine dollars spent versus acquisition rate. When your target audience fail to see the value of the offer, your brand becomes irrelevant and remains unseen.

This disconnect or misalignment in your effort to showcase your brand value can definitely impact the way people see your brand. However, breaking free from that disconnect isn’t impossible. Know that your brand is defined by what your customers think and feel about your company. That’s it. While it’s true that you can shape thinking to fit a chosen narrative, your social media posts should be essentially aligned with your message. As a brand, you are now more capable of influencing that thinking through the messages, images and actions you disseminate in your social media network. Another important task for your virtual assistant in social media content marketing is to discover the brand’s growth drivers.

Determining what your growth drivers are is paramount to uncovering what motivates your customers to follow your newsletter, buy your products and listen to your voice. I must admit that the social media can be a huge tool that would help you uncover them. Having a clear understanding about what you do and what you offer means value so you may need to sit down and plan your approach taking into consideration the different touchpoints when revisiting your systems and processes. This type of consistent and accountable approach is how you should shape perceptions and communicate brand value. You can actually start to revisit your profile and reimagine your personal brand.

Real transformation begins when you repurpose your content and use innovative communications strategy to clearly articulate your message that would hopefully gets easily digested by your target audience. This means giving out specially concocted messages to a specific culture or creating culture specific messages. Watching videos of the Coca Colas advertising campaigns are a good way to start your learning process about communications. I know how much struggle it would be to get ahead with your industry but it is really very simple. Learn how to communicate your message and rebuild your personal brand first because accountability and success also goes to the persons working behind it.

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