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Easily catch your best face forward and capture life’s moments using your smartphone camera. Deliver your best self with the most spontaneous viewing experience your audience expect to see when you turn your selfies into one masterpiece of art. Showcase your unique capability to manage relationships when you share, connect, and interact with your customers and leads. Of course, all of those ways can be easily done using your smartphone camera. Dive into the digital marketing landscape and try using interesting graphic designs that could make your photos work for you when you capture life’s brightest moments using a simple smartphone camera. It is okay to use a cheaper version of Android smartphones but make sure it comes out clear, beautiful and attractive to the viewers though simple but specifically not blur. Selfies are what we call as self photos that you took by yourself using any smartphone camera, Android or iPhone. The High dynamic range or HDR camera app feature helps balance the light and the dark elements in a high-contrast photo. For the new breed of digital creators and influencers, selfies nowadays seem to be the widely used and considered as one of the best marketing tools for blogging and creating videos. However, taking a great photo from your smartphone camera is not as simple as pointing and shooting. Take advantage of the sources of natural light you can find, even after dark. When you make your selfies as your marketing tool, you should mind the angle and the lighting.

While smartphones give people the benefit of taking photos on the go, the cameras are still sensitive to movement. To help avoid blurry or warped photos, steady your camera first or stand steady for a moment and maybe not breathe when taking photos. I usually don’t breathe to get better results especially if it is meant to be uploaded on my blog. When you take a photo from a distance, it’s tempting to zoom in on something specific you’re trying to capture but doing so can make the photo appear grainy, blurry, or pixelated. A smartphone camera might be more convenient to carry but the device’s camera lens is collecting all kinds of dust and lint when you carry it on your bag. Be sure to clean this lens with a soft handkerchief before taking a photo.

There’s nothing harder than taking a good photo of yourself, especially if you’re the photographer and the subject. You should be able to confidently take a selfie using an Android smartphone camera anywhere anytime. You don’t even need to worry about your picture quality but if you’re not happy, just reposition yourself and try again. You don’t want to position your camera too high or too low, so consider your positioning before you take your picture. A bit of camera titling is fine. Experiment with different positions, lighting, and picture quality. Keep trying until you find the right one.

Your selfies will look dull if you aren’t facing the light source. You should always face the light source for best results but try to maintain a distance from the light source. However, your best angle or ideal lighting condition won’t matter if you take selfies with a fake smile. Emote and take a few selfies to find a natural smile that captures your essence. I often have difficulty doing this especially around a crowd. When around strangers, it is truly difficult to come up with a natural smile when looking directly at the camera. Practice your natural smile in front of a mirror first before taking selfies.

One technique in taking selfies is to keep the camera up while you put your chin down. Try several angles with this technique until you find one worthy of posting on Instagram. Most front facing cameras have a portrait mode. It blurs the background and puts the focus on the main subject, delivering a professional-looking photo. See if it will work for you. Once you find a filter that perfectly captures your vibe, stick with it. Aim for a consistent look. Actually, you don’t need to use different filters for every selfie. It is how you do it with your best smile. It takes time to edit all photos. Maybe it would be more realistic and practical to take the photos right the first time and used them raw. I never edited my selfie pics.

The term selfie has only been around for a few years but has become a phenomenon even at present. But what are the best selfie phones you can get? Nearly every smartphone on the market has a selfie camera, so you would need to wade through every device released over the past several years to figure out which is the best phone for selfies. Thinking about buying the best smartphone for your selfies, may need to come into terms with what you are able to afford with your budget. Not every one has the finances and budget to get the best phone in putting their best face forward.

A smartphone is probably the most convenient camera you can have. Even if you own a nicer camera, you’ll probably still use your smartphone to capture unexpected photo moments. Each smartphone has different features and may put common features in different places. Though it is obvious that influencers and marketers may want to own a better phone when taking their best selfie as a marketing tool, everything has to run within the budget. I use the Huawei smartphone for my selfies and photoshoots . Honestly, you can use the smartphone camera you feel most comfortable for now and just make the upgrade later.

The Internet is often captivated by a craze and one such craze that’s taken off in recent years is that of the selfie which has been trending ever since it started. Many people thought that the selfie was a passing trend, but it seems to be here to stay. A standout selfie positions you to show a little piece of yourself so people may trust you. It personalizes content and helps people get to know who you are, build your personal brand, and expand your business. It actually shows the face of the brand which makes it a cost effective and unique marketing tool because there is only one you.

Every personal brand should regularly use a power selfie pose because it can accelerate the know, like, and trust process for the brand. In fact, humans are hardwired to be drawn to faces even through a screen and make split second decisions if either they would want to stop or keep scrolling. The emotion you show in your selfie will be mirrored by the viewer so make your best face forward with an emotionally captivating selfie. Selfies let you leverage the voice and personality of your brand.

Show your brand persona. Mirror what your clients will experience when working with you. Express through expression what you want would be the main reason and function of the selfie. Consistently show up on social apps because your personal brand defines the best of you. Ultimately, a selfie will increase a brand’s visibility and helps in creating a community. As a personal brand, you need to be seen in a light hearted way while strategically connecting with a wider audience. In a world where increased attention is key, the selfie taken from a smartphone camera just provided the perfect method for people, bloggers, influencers, and brands, to promote themselves.

Social media is inherently self-promotional, so these types of campaigns capitalize on the instinct to self-brand and share with low cost selfie posts. It is incredibly simple and completely cost free and in the process, may gain a number of new clients. Ensure that there is a strategy behind this but selfies still need to be natural and real. With this brings the potential for far better reach. Done the right way it can be a method for engaging and connecting people to your brand, while also building a more refined experience into your social media channels. Just be careful what you use as a hashtag.

Regardless how painful it is and how intense are your efforts but if you don’t post anything for a month or even a week, your audience will start to forget you. So if you are trying to get a wider audience reach, get seen on social media always. Stay in their minds. Make it memorable. Make them remember you. In short, be social and get connected. Create the experience so they see you in the light of what you want them to see. Also, helps you showcase your services and products above the competition.

Start by sharing the experience and giving them some moments to look forward to. Create beautiful design concepts that draw potential buyers. After all, it is the passion for photography that brings in the clarity. This way you can have your house for rent or sale in Cebu off the market in less time possible. There are instances that reveal the phenomenon of selfie marketing concerning forming positive attitudes and purchasing intentions of a brand. They are literally going viral and instantly engaging which improve marketing results. Converting a lead into a customer relies on their feelings towards you and your brand. Using selfies as your marketing tool can notably boost positive emotions as well as build a better perception of you.

Turn your beauty into one of your marketing tools. Your posts initiate conversations while conversations build links. Take your conversations with you and gain one-on-one personal engagement to open up more opportunities. Consider sending messages through social media but be extra careful about what you say and what type of photos you post because they all surely reflect how you conduct your business. Nothing good happens if you don’t work for it and it cannot be left on autopilot. Build your personal brand online and start by becoming a selfie headshot master.

Dare to go beyond the limits? Your dream is just a click away! If you are an entrepreneur who mostly works through the Internet, you probably know how important it is to get your photo right. After all, your customers look at your photo and form an opinion about you and your company in less than 1 second. Maintain the same image across all platforms. It may not be the same photo, but should be relevant. Know when and how to tell a visual story of who you are. Guess, you must be a master of selfies to take a really good picture of yourself. Well, practice makes perfect!

There is the word practice in Webster dictionary needing some motivation in real time. It won’t hurt if you get one shot of your smiling face head on once in a while. Here is one idea for the practice – a good lighting may help. Lighting that is set well can enhance your features. Bad lighting can make you look tired and expose all the imperfections on your face. Whatever colors are in your logos and visual identity, you should aim to use the same set of colors and similar colors in the photos. And stay away from colors that are clashing.

I am not sure if you believe this but according to research carried out by Wake Forest University in 2012, people consider others more attractive when in their pictures a left side of the face is shown. Researchers claim that it is due to the half of our brain that controls that side of the face, making it more expressive than the right side. I am right handed so I used my right side and they come out pretty good. Most people tend to remember better pictures that show off some personality so give them something unique that they can associate with you in their mind.

Backgrounds matter and the background you choose shouldn’t steal focus from you or distract attention in the slightest sense of it. There is no need to choose the traditional plain, white background. Variety keeps the interest running high and it would be a great idea to select a location that will say something about the nature of your business or promote your brand value. Choose the right background to show personality or credibility. As I have said many times, relevance is key. And the secret to taking photos is to take photos that you can easily crop to the right size for later use such as banners or square size or cover sizes for different social platforms.

To make a vivid example about selfie power, you can watch and learn Gary Vee. The popular businessman dedicated his Instagram feed to selfies and inspirational quotes, positioning himself as an authority figure and thought leader. Through social media, he remains accessible and transparent, which helps maintain his online persona. If people are looking for authenticity and rawness, Gary Vee won’t disappoint. His selfies capture his personality, beliefs, and lifestyle and have made him a popular with many fans.

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