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Let your selfies be your marketing tool. Deliver your best self and the most spontaneous viewing experience your audience expect to see when you turn your selfies into one masterpiece of art. Dive into the digital marketing landscape and try using interesting graphic designs that could make your photos work for you when you capture life’s brightest moments using a simple phone camera. It is okay to use a cheap version but make sure it comes out clear, beautiful and attractive to the viewers specifically simple but not blur. Mind the angle and the lighting.

Regardless how painful it is and how intense are your efforts but if you don’t post anything for a month or even a week, your audience will start to forget you. So if you are trying to get a wider audience reach, get seen on social media always. Stay in their minds. Make it memorable. Make them remember you. In short, be social and get connected. Create the experience so they see you in the light of what you want them to see.

Showcase your services and products above the competition. Start by sharing the experience and giving them some moments to look forward to. Create beautiful design concepts that draw potential buyers. After all, it is the passion for photography that brings in the clarity. This way you can have your house for rent or sale in Cebu off the market in less time possible.

Turn your beauty into one of your marketing tools. Your posts initiate conversations while conversations build links. Take your conversations with you and gain one-on-one personal engagement to open up more opportunities. Consider sending messages through social media but be extra careful about what you say and what type of photos you post because they all surely reflect how you conduct your business.

Dare to go beyond the limits? Your dream is just a click away! Nothing good happens if you don’t work for it and it cannot be left on autopilot. Build your personal brand online and start by becoming a selfie headshot master. If you are an entrepreneur who mostly works through the Internet, you probably know how important it is to get your photo right. After all, your customers look at your photo and form an opinion about you and your company in less than 1 second. Maintain the same image across all platforms. It may not be the same photo, but should be relevant. Know when and how to tell a visual story of who you are.

Guess, you must be a master of selfies to take a really good picture of yourself. There is the word practice in Webster dictionary needing some motivation in real time. It won’t hurt if you get one shot of your smiling face head on once in a while. Here is one idea for the practice – a good lighting may help. Lighting that is set well can enhance your features. Bad lighting can make you look tired and expose all the imperfections on your face. Whatever colors are in your logos and visual identity, you should aim to use the same set of colors and similar colors in the photos. And stay away from colors that are clashing.

I am not sure if you believe this but according to research carried out by Wake Forest University in 2012, people consider others more attractive when in their pictures a left side of the face is shown. Researchers claim that it is due to the half of our brain that controls that side of the face, making it more expressive than the right side. I am right handed so I used my right side and they come out pretty good.

Backgrounds matter and the background you choose shouldn’t steal focus from you or distract attention in the slightest sense of it. There is no need to choose a plain, white background. Variety keeps the interest running high and it would be a great idea to select a location that will say something about the nature of your business or promote your brand value. Choose the right background to show personality or credibility. Most people tend to remember better pictures that show off some personality so give them something unique that they can associate with you in their mind. As I have said many times, relevance is key. And the secret to taking photos is to take photos that you can easily crop to the right size for later use such as banners or square size or cover sizes for different social platforms. Keep promoting!

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