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Be just a Google search away and make sure your online business address or website shows up on the first page of the Google SERPs or what we call as the Google Search Engine Results Page because decision makers nowadays first use Google Search to find information about any service or product before making the actual purchase. With billions of searches per day on Google or the internet, you can use search phrases to make sure potential customers notice your brand, consider your offerings and take action. Google is where people search for what to do, where to go, and what to buy. Your goal must be to show up when people search for what you offer. Search is a way of life. To help people find your content online, it would be wise to use the right match search keywords in all of your marketing materials. Know that this marketing strategy is free and very effective when nothing else is working. People use keywords when searching the internet for solutions to their problems or simply for information purposes, so if your content is relevant and uses the right search keywords, it can successfully push your content in front of your audience as they conduct searches and as a result, gives you more traffic.

Using the right keywords is extremely necessary if you want to be found online and it should not happen with only one post. Google does something similar with its text search results. New content will rank higher at first to test effectiveness. If engagement is high (bounce rate is low), then it will retain a high ranking, even go higher over time. If not, it drops lower in the search results. The key is creating more relevant, relatable content because organic search drives about 70% of total traffic. The more content you have, the better would be your chance to show up. Using the right keywords for your posts and pages is important if you want to be found online. In other words, the right keywords will improve your search engine optimization (SEO). Research shows that less than 1 percent of searchers using Google don’t even go past the first page and more than half never scroll down past the first three results on page one.

Let me clarify how relevance and the number of relevant content may affect the way Google search bots see and categorize your website. Creating your community is all about nurturing a long term relationship with your customers, and amidst everything, content seems to be the mediator of that relationship. For example, if you talk about virtual assistant in 7 out of your 10 articles, then it would be seen as a virtual assistant page and Google may bring it up when somebody searches about virtual assistant. It is the average number of content talking about your specific niche that matters.

The trick is to post your relevant content in all your social network. While you build your brand story and create your brand persona with the right search keywords, you must try to build more evergreen content of at least 80% out of the total. This can help automate the lead qualification process and drive them to your landing page without cost at all. The concept of having a landing page as part of the customer’s journey is to create a highly focused page so that your leads will only see one product or service being pitched, which may also constitute as part of your sales funnel. Building a website is not just about making it attractive for visitors. You must also make sure visitors can find your site. For this, you should learn how to use highly targeted long keywords and then link it to your website. We will talk about link building in another article.

Content relevance is all about your audience’s perception of your content’s pertinence to topics, issues, needs, or interests. Content usefulness refers to your content’s ability to help users make decisions or make progress towards their goals. Let us clarify content effectiveness. The content must be both relevant and useful to be effective and also, uses the right search keywords. The lack of content detail and sophistication drives low content usefulness and relevance. Understand that you should be in the driver’s seat of your own business journey because nobody cares about your business like you. Take control of your business as much as you can. Turn passive consumers into active customers with a meaningful highly focused landing page. It is very important that you understand what you are doing with your content.

Here is how it works. Publish short form content seasoned with the right keywords to drive as much traffic as you can in all your social media platforms. Add call to action buttons that will get them to your longer form gated content that you had published on your landing page. Obsess yourself in creating content that adds value but resonates with your target audience. If it is not relatable, then you will have a hard time keeping them and driving them to your gated content. If people don’t discover your content, you don’t build an audience! The key is to provide the right experience and then lead them to your landing page. Start by creating content that adds value so you are able to generate leads and at the same time make sure the short content resonates with a specific segment of your target audience.

Focus exclusively on the long tail keywords when creating content and share topics that are especially interesting for your target segment. Let me give you a simple explanation why you should build more evergreen content with the right search keywords. You are able to attract more search traffic when you incorporate the right search terms that people use online to find something that you offer into your content. When done right, this kind of traffic has the benefit of being highly targeted because the people using these search terms are more likely looking for an answer to a very specific need. Search phrases that gets more and more longer also at the same time are getting more specific. However, it may not give you the volume you need to rank. It would be better to rank first and then be more specific using the long tail keywords later.

The combination of the right long tail keywords as well as the relevance of your content can significantly raise your website traffic which may lead into cash sales. We don’t create content around what we want to tell people but should be making them based on what people want to discover. If your website and social media profile news feed has the content they look for, providing a call for action button at the most strategic placement of the content will likely lead them right into the sales funnel. The key to make this work is to always think about your audience and what they care about. When someone really cares enough to follow you and read your content then that translates into two of the most important criteria for success of an online business – trust and attention.

Your content can help you compete with the fierce competition as well as keep you above the noise. Stay on top of your game mastering keyword research. This is the only true way you can get your business discovered. This scalable custom small business social media marketing solution does not cost much. You can write in your free time and published at least twice a week. Keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing search terms that people enter into the search engines with the goal of using that data for a specific purpose, often for search engine optimization (SEO) or general marketing. Make things easier for your visitors, leads, and customers to find you and to get in touch with you.

Know how to get more attention to your brand. At least, know how to guide their search and drive them to your landing page. Sometimes, making the choice to chase less competitive search phrases known as the long tail keywords can make it happen. Search volume is equally important with the metrics especially for search engine optimization. Search volume matters because search engines are one of the key ways that sites attract new visitors and organic traffic.

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