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The secret to success is to do the common things uncommonly well – be good, do good! There are many maybe infinite ways to succeed in business. However, the key is to focus on and do the things that need doing one at a time. Stop multitasking it loses focus and causes delay. Anyone can make the simple complex but it’s making the process easy that attracts success. Accept that success is never accomplished alone and you may need a team to do some tasks as you go through the journey. People are more likely to take calculated risks that lead to innovation if they have the support of a team behind them and know that a collaborative problem solving leads to better outcomes.

Teamwork brings people together, motivates to support and help each other to get things done. In a nutshell, teams make work more efficient resulting in better productivity, reduced costs, greater profitability, and many other benefits. Keep in mind that teamwork and collaboration are literally difficult but doable when you cooperate and curb your attitude. And yes, being on the wrong team can be truly a painful experience. If I may ask, do you know what drives the effectiveness of your team?

Simply sharing a workspace with a group of people is not necessarily considered a team but just a group of different human beings working in the same room not necessarily coordinating with each other. People are the main and best brewed sauce of an organization. Being part of a highly performing team is a very powerful experience in every imaginable way possible that makes completing tasks feels easy, painful and challenging every step of the way yet still gives us the feeling of comfort and confidence. This is because we have each other and at least someone somewhere would catch us when we fall.

Failing is inevitable but if you have each other, you can easily get up and stand to face the challenge again. In a scenario where you make yourself as a bystander and see how some situations were created by what goes around, you will realize that the work environment matters as it is one of the factors making people feel the needed energy to make things happen, which in the end produce the fruit of meaningful and sustained results. A team that consists of people working together to successfully achieve a common goal would definitely thrive in their spheres of influence. Often, they create an outline or system about how they are going to help each other which may include setting of a clear and achievable path.

There are seven drivers of team effectiveness and they are capability, cooperation, coordination, communication, cognition, conditions and leadership. Members who do not contribute in a positive and productive way becomes dysfunctional. You may not be aware of it but being part of either a functional or dysfunctional team is ultimately your choice! Fact is that there is always a first time for everything and you just need to take the first step to synchronize and work your ideas with the group which happen to root from the simple idea of choice. Open up possibilities and effortlessly blend with the group’s energy, collaborate with internal teams and ensure a successful and timely execution of assigned projects.

You need to embrace what you have, accept the challenges and be comfortable in a deadline driven environment. However, for employees assigned in social media content marketing or digital marketing, may need to upgrade their interpersonal and social skills because their audience would be commenting and asking questions. Go completely social and try to build a community right on your profile. If each member of the team strive to help and support each other then you will find yourselves having more control over your outcome. My guess is that you can relate to this situation. Actually, making connections with your team may prove to be easier than you think.

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