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Turn your hobby into a paying side gig – Move beyond your comfort zone and go as far as your imagination would take you! Know that success comes from small beginnings. Build a business, do it right and positively impact a lot of people! The easiest way that does not use much manpower and you can do it on your free time is to slowly rebrand and repurpose your content. Your work from home dram job starts the moment you shape brand perception at every touchpoint. Strategically develop the user experience and shape their emotional experiences as well as live interactions during the inquiry, browsing and buying process.

Focus on building a community first in all your social media network by sharing personal brand stories and other relevant information. Remake videos, repurpose your content and recreate your brand. How people feel about your brand ultimately influences their overall brand perception. This strategy may include differentiation, personality, voice, benefit and value, empathy and emotion. Shape public perception about your brand using a carefully developed strategy that touches the hearts and shapes the way people think and respond to each message you sent out there.

Value is the result of how your audience understands and experiences the brand. Enhancing the brand with a voice and personality may help shape audience perception. Remember that humans are dramatically drawn to distinct characteristics and behavioral traits called brand personality. Using social media, you are able to shape brand communications through personality in such a way that the audience is most likely getting attracted to the brand personality being displayed on each of your posts.

Customizable solutions can keep you connected with your target audience. The fact is – humans tend to connect with personalities that defines their own behavioral traits. Maybe we can rationally say that birds of the same feather flocks together or tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are! When a person feels and loves the experience with the brand, the more likely it resonates. The feeling must last throughout the entire journey.

One strategy is emotional storytelling where the combination of copywriting and storytelling is the best there is! They can literally influence decision making, connect your brand with the audience emotionally and shift the way you communicate in the digital front line. If you don’t put any initiative to develop your distinctive brand personality and PR communications, then you will never get a chance to make a first impression.

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