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By tapping into another major component of the consumer’s attention span and purchase decision called emotion, you may inspire moments that may encourage them to act, but how do you use emotions to attract, resonate with, and encourage your audience to act? Studies show that people rely on emotions, rather than information, to make decisions. Emotional responses to marketing actually influence a person’s intent and decision to buy more than what they see with the content of an ad or that of a marketing material. Though first impressions form in a matter of seconds, emotions help people decide with their hearts and as a result, actually has more influence on buying than their minds. Whether through sadness, anger, passion, or excitement, the emotional stories you tell should be relatable and shareable, regardless of the makeup of your audience. Emotions are being formed faster using images, videos, and stories. Indeed, weaving emotion into your marketing and advertising campaign is a surefire way to attract, resonate with, and encourage your audience to act. Emotional marketing helps people decide and pulls these people to emotionally connect with the brand.

Using the concept of emotional marketing is the simplest and best strategy there is that can inspire as well as make your brand relatable. One of the reasons nobody is following you is the absence of emotional connection. Make sure that you create a content that is relatable and at the same time, would at least encourage your audience to act. Use emotional marketing, after all life is just a matter of psychology. With this, you can either inspire the impossible or just simply inspire moments. Emotions can effectively connect your brand to your prospects or leads. On the other hand, the emotionalized approach to branding and marketing including product design is incredibly revolutionary.

A good example is the Coca Cola ad showing kids and grandparents surrounded by members of the family wearing happy faces drinking cola. Another example is the Jollibee ad simply showing kids and grandparents eating with delight inside the fast food store. They don’t even sell. They just show emotions of happiness, family bonding, and satisfaction drinking or eating the product with the logo place somewhere the video frame. This is actually emotional selling without a pitch. Even the logo, color, and design literally communicates and connects emotionally with its consumers who became loyal followers and evangelists. Understand that brand design in packaging is a critical part of marketing and so is your logo and content. To successfully put emotion in your marketing, all you need to do is know your audience and know which emotions would resonate most. So far, an ad campaign showing a happy and contented family has been most effective across all races.

If one color can change the refreshment appeal of a cola, then you should start using all of the elements of your graphics and content to create a significant change with the way you connect to your customers. Proactive purposeful designs work to accent any marketing efforts and somehow, a display of disconnected design ignores opportunity. Colors, packaging, graphics and content is not only for the big guys but also works as a scalable custom small business social media marketing strategy. The idea is to never get contented in showing off a lazy design without vision. Know that an integrated brand strategy is the key and the heart of a successful emotional branding.

Invent new ways to bridge the gap between your brand and your customers. Actually, the sensorial experiences derived from an emotional branding brings in ultimate guaranteed benefits such as helping you connect to your audience, build solid relationships, and create a community that grows exactly where you want it, which is just within your social profile in the very least cost. The transformation from audience to followers to buyers and to being your most loyal brand advocate is awesome beyond words. Moving on, the only way to stay in the market and to position yourself in the market is to stay relevant, fun, and emotionally connected to your audience. Work on your content with only one goal which is to bring out emotions without making a pitch.

Grow your business online with innovative ideas and not just merely setting up a traditional business model that squeezes the pocket and eats up your profit with less desirable results. Keep in mind that understanding the people’s emotional needs and desires has always been the key to a successful sales and marketing strategy. Sensory experience is the marketing power of emotions where emotions stimulate the buying interest as well as influence the consumers future buying decisions. The emotion acts as the trade off in most buyers decision making that is why ads must have the ability to generate and bring out the right emotions and send the message with less effort.

There’s obviously no situation where responses are not based on emotions especially decision making. Obviously, the success of your campaign is justified in terms of the emotional experiences it provides to the consumers. Emotional branding is a very effective method to create a long lasting relationship with customers. After intense planning and preparation and the magic happens, all you have to do is revisit what you have been doing well and let the responses tell you how to do it from then on. Create offerings that inspire and engage people. You may watch some videos and graphic images created by social media influencers which I think would help much in creating a marketing plan considering the trend nowadays.

The heart may have some reasons we cannot understand but it does bring in emotions that naturally impact decision making. You may not be aware of it but most of your decisions are made at the heart level, and then you justify them with your logical thinking head brain. Emotional experiences arouse emotions, energize motivations and reinforces the will. Nevertheless, emotions are the energizers of meaning. Let us assume then that thinking with your heart is really thinking with your head because it justifies whatever action it follows. The heart bonds and create loving connections. Imagine when buyers think through the heart, the result can be absolute satisfaction even if it is plain indulgence. It would be a great idea then to always go for the heart and make use of emotional marketing as the core of any ad or content.

Emotional branding has been emerged as an extremely influential brand management paradigm and is widely heralded as a key to marketing success with the fact that emotion influences the weight of choice criteria. When people ignores your marketing campaign, you should understand why that is so. There could be many factors but the most obvious factor is always the lack of emotional connection. Self identity is more a matter of individual choice with a little push from the salesperson of course. What I mean is that your content should be relatable in a way that your audience can actually understand, feel, and relate with the message. Create a content with images that build emotional significance fitting the choice criteria and the business market positioning goal. Don’t just put out anything. Where consumers are in a state of uncertainty over matters of taste and social appropriateness, an attractive content with impressive images play a vital role in establishing pleasure and intrinsic liking.

Of course, pleasing the senses is crucial to getting a sale. Anything that inhibits the prospect of pleasure inhibits buying so take care of your imagination and set your brand story, logo, images, and content correct the first time. These elements interact and support each other and contributes highly to business growth. Drive customers appeal using emotional branding. Create and manage meaning with all of your visuals. When designing the commercial, the brand personality has to be designed similar to either the personality of the target segment or the personality they want to become. Playing with the senses and pushing the brand as touchstone can practically boost earnings and cushion cyclical downturns. The capability of the brand to give the product or service meaning is significant because consumers almost always like to have and experience meaning in whatever they decide in a way that the choice seem to add a bit of significance to the actions taken.

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