Live Through Your Perfect Imperfections Using Emotional Marketing for Content Optimization

Let’s get emotional and live through your perfect imperfections. Think about using contextual targeting for innovative engagement and emotional marketing for top content optimization. When customers leave behind reviews on social platforms like Facebook or Yelp, you need to analyze sentiment and that means you also need to identify and analyze the full human emotional spectrum which includes mood, attitude and emotional personality. The key is to create contextual engagement experiences within your content that will help increase page views and customer engagement. You, as a marketer, really have to learn and develop the most successful and emotionally engaging campaign. You then repeat these strategies in all future posts. Just get through your perfect imperfections. Dare do the impossible until it’s not anymore. 1 minute can change everything!

According to the Tempkin Group, emotions impact brand loyalty big time. The Harvard Business Review has also stated that a positive emotional bond with a company is more important to consumers than customer satisfaction. Emotions can boost an ad’s virality online. When starting an emotionally driven marketing campaign, a shift in focus is necessary. Businesses need to promote an experience and a feeling rather than a single product. The emotions a business chooses to feature in a new campaign need to fit within the brand so it seems like a natural extension of the marketing strategy. That is why you need to focus and do one social media profile at a time and then take it from there.

Consumers who are emotionally connected to a brand will trust the brand more, make more purchases while exhibiting lower price sensitivity and follow different communication channels more intently. An emotional connection with consumers is the secret to a powerful marketing strategy and considerable financial gain. In the realm of online marketing, emotional advertising is seen to most likely create first and lasting impressions about your brand. If you run a campaign with strong emotional appeal, customers remember you and think of you first when they are looking for a product. Neurologists ran studies based on MRI scans which revealed that consumers choose brands more according to personal feelings and experiences than actual brand features or attributes. Your feelings and subconscious influence a person’s decision more than you could imagine.

Indifference is your brand’s worst enemy, when people have no impression, feeling, or opinion about your offer. If the target audience do not feel strongly about your offer, they are much more likely not to consider it. In fact, that is the main big reason why advertisers believe in advertising with an emotional appeal. Emotional marketing seems to be a trigger that would likely influence any person’s decision. It creates greater brand awareness and affinity, can trigger higher sales and grow customer loyalty. There are target segments that would respond to powerful, arresting visuals and make them become impulsive buyers. Emotional marketing creates value for your brand in terms of recall, preference and loyalty.

Make them remember how you made them feel in your campaign. However, not all emotions fit all brands. At this time, you may want to tell a story. Storytelling with an emotional design connects you to your target audiences without actually being heavy or preachy. Animate your story with voice, music and video. Are you creating emotional content for Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok? Be on the level. Craft a copy that speaks to people, not at them or above them. Speak the language of social.

I got something emotional that could relate with the divorced and separated out there. Here goes
I need somebody who can love me at my worst. Though I’m not perfect but I hope you see my worth. I need someone who would love all of me. Who would love all my curves and edges!

Isn’t it relatable? A great emotional marketing campaign receives plenty of attention from customers and industry insiders. And in today’s world, many are interested in how the campaign was crafted. As a social media content marketing virtual assistant, I am convinced that behind-the-scenes story on YouTube or LinkedIn work greatly in captivating your target audience. To begin with, because emotional marketing is all about your audience, how you design and craft your message makes a crucial part of your success. If you can make the emotional connection, you may succeed in convincing them that your pitch, your product or service, can make an absolute difference in their lives.

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