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Connect with people that matters! Show value and communicate your efforts as a social media content marketing business entrepreneur. Do not waste your time on things that won’t convert into sales or won’t get you even a small spark of opportunity. One good tool to use and progress with your social media content marketing goals is to learn how to turn your profile views into new opportunities. Remember, your profile is your resume so put your best face forward. One glance. One look. Your profile is all there is to know about you and your business!

Start your day revisiting your social posts, photos and videos. Park your ego and get connected through chats or mentions or simply commenting. That is how it is in the neighborhood, admit it but word by mouth is still the most powerful adversary and which is the main reason why you need to fix your profile and your social posts. They literally represent your personal brand and seems the best way to set up customer relationship and retention management including lead generation. All these for free and guess consumes only a mighty hour a day investment of your time tinkling your laptop keyboard. Of course, try to keep everything simple.

Eliminate and simplify everyday messes. Take good care of your text, words and tone. Work with the best design and most relevant content while keeping goodwill a means to make your touchpoints pains a bit lighter. Goodwill is an intangible asset that adds value as well as boosts brand recognition. Check any impairments in the process and look forward to rolling ROI and any other future economic benefits. Sometimes, we just have to admit that you attract solid leads and buyers because of the presence of goodwill that is quite linked to your brand.

Improve the long term value of your business with quality customer service relationship management that can help retention and also boost loyalty. I am not talking about goodwill accounting but goodwill as in good business practices of respecting each others business. Many business owners forget to highlight acts of goodwill such as maintaining peer relationships and keeping moral values for a more visible role in the industry. Build your credibility while you build relationships which is also another way of increasing marketing presence. Your brand impact is not set by what you say alone but includes what you do for recognition.

In business, as in real estate, the key is location, location, location. When you give valuable information and assist your customers find their best homes, you can very well highlight business locations that gives better access convenience which is rather comforting to your target market. I consider this a great advantage over less knowledgeable competitors. If possible, make the same case for your solution availability and timing. Create the culture and make a list of the best business practices that can help your employees perform and not disconnected. Never steal clients from your competitors. Instead, let them live their moment while you face the most awesome challenge of getting new leads. The market pie has still a good percentage of untapped potential customers. Fair competition is a matter of dignity but snatching babies is never a way for business competition.

Stay committed and fulfill your company’s vision by creating pleasant relationships with both competitors and leads.Game on! Stick with the idea of staying in friendship with all the people that’s in the industry. Steal a client and you create war. Collaborate and you catch friendship + cooperation in whatever you do. The magic word is not to be so greedy. So, move ahead and let’s start again – build your profile and make your resume pretty precise and concise. Craft a powerful summary to highlight your accomplishments and skills. Beat the competition with a nice professional resume profile in all your social media network.

Looking at how much farther you have to go can easily overwhelm you. Revisit your social profiles and try to complete one at a time. Dressing professionally and keeping everything simple without too much makeup or any over-the-top distracting hairstyle and jewelry where your photo should only be you and only you. Best angle of a headshot photo is only your head, neck and a bit of your shoulders. However, consistency is still key to developing your professional online brand. Therefore, it is a good idea to use the same photo for all your professional and social profiles so people and importantly your followers may easily recognize you. Stand against a solid colored, light background.

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