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One of the pain points of social media content marketers is how to create messages and stories that are relatable or how to transmit the perfect message at the right moment to the right people. In marketing, timing is arguably the most important variable of all. Promotions are like weather reports and news bulletins. People need them when they need them. Too early and they are forgotten. Too late and they are ignored. The main concept of marketing is to convey the right message to the right people at the right moment to effectively reach your target market. And, for most of the beginners and SMEs, it is a matter of fight or flight.

Apparently, attention deficit sets in because of the noise coming from your online social apps and you need to do more to gain attention. The way content is consumed and created nowadays requires lots of hard work but those who have been consistent with their tasks usually creates a bigger impact.

For example, a virtual assistant very niche specific blog with a specific goal of being hired as a virtual assistant may write more about topics related to the services being offered by a virtual assistant. However, to help you with this objective no matter what niche you are in, doing a better job with an evergreen content is naturally a good practice.

I suggest you first curate your content. While a good chunk of the internet is used for entertainment purposes, an equally good chunk of people used it to find easier solutions for their unsolved problems. How to articles with a step-by-step instructions about how to do something could be your winning formula for content creation.

To have maximum impact, you can either create an audio or a video along with a PDF to tap people who prefer to use the other versions. That’s not an easy task and yes, that would mean creating a lot of content but think of it this way. Most people don’t put in this much effort so if you take the time to share the different formats or versions then you produce a pillar content.

Find a way to deliver an ongoing stream of traffic for long term that would tend to increase your number of website visitors. As you can see, the two most important outcomes of any marketing material are traffic and engagement which includes traffic driven search results and partly, the referral traffic. The key is knowing what type of content, format and technique work best in today’s marketing landscape.

Unfortunately, you have to work harder and deliver more value if you want the outcomes of a pillar effect and evergreen content. You can embrace who you are or hang on to what you were but you just can’t do both. It is important that you become very good at one thing. Pick one format and develop the skill. You’ll get better as you go on creating content and get more done in less time. Keep practicing!

Reinvent your writing style and give value to relevance. If you love your audience so much to put in the hard work, I guess you must recreate yourself. Put it the effort to reach and impact more people as well as get the benefit of having your content shared by many referrals. Skill up and produce better content. Build your skills as you build your platform one version at a time.

It is time to stop overthinking. You have to start somewhere and figure things out. It also means stop trying to be perfect because we will never ever look perfect for anyone so take all these things out of your head and put them on a sheet of paper.

Stop trying to control everything because broadcasting your marketing message would be just like reaching out to the unknown which we have no control of. The internet has become a lot more crowded and we need to put our ideas about marketing and life on a perspective where we come up with a solution that could make people talk about your article and recommend it to other people.

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