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Reaching out to people with a well thought and well planned content marketing approach may gain you instant followers but the art of doing it can be quite a challenge. Though brands have been creative enough in delivering various forms of content to demonstrate their value as well as differentiate themselves from the others, ordinary individuals and local influencers have been also doing a stunning work endorsing products to their followers for a cost very much lower than the popular celebrities. For all you know, you might even been doing this awesome technique by default without realizing it. The internet and the social media have made the impossible possible and because of this, brands were able to save much money hiring a virtual assistant to simply manage and assist on their social media content marketing. People are interested in seeing content that informs, educates, and entertains. In fact, many brands have become successful in creating and sharing content with well crafted call-to-action conversion copies that at various points, prepare the ground for a sale. Relatable and timely distributed campaigns often grabs the attention and effectively draws the audience to the sales funnel especially if they are entertaining enough to hold off the eight seconds attention span. To be clear, content covers whatever you produce in text, image, audio, or video format wherever you publish it, either over the internet or in person.

You cannot sell if you cannot communicate. This probably sound familiar but it is true. You maybe already embracing content marketing in your social app, such as Facebook or Instagram, but don’t just call it as such. The lack of a specific content marketing strategy, organization, and measurement of content performance may slow down the ability of the content to give back timely return on investment. To be successful, content marketing must be driven by customer needs. Please do not start any campaign with no real plan in place or you will find yourself producing content and using up a lot of time and resources without a clear idea of the outcome.

Clearly understand the value you wish to deliver to your leads and present database of customers. Every effort must be set up in a way that it allows you to test and improve the performance of the specific content and its channels of distribution. When you are about to change history, that gut feeling must sync with your strategy outcomes. Produce content regularly and consistently. Think where you host, publish, and distribute your content because it is as important as producing it. A constant flow of fresh social media content is required in nurturing leads as well as capturing new ones.

Try to fill the void with added value. Capture the data for lead identification and then connect. Everything should lead to your sales funnel. Gain trust and get the outcome you so desire. If you are driven by the passion to do something meaningful that changes lives such as food that people love or brand that people trust, then you should understand that your choices have consequences but it also create opportunities. To keep your customers, keep it simple. Rather than pulling customers into the fold, some marketers are pushing them away with relentless and ill-conceived efforts to engage.

Realize the importance of truly connecting with consumers through the social network because being social can really power up connections and move your business farther than the others. Social media is a powerhouse when it comes to communicating with customers. No matter what option you choose for your business, understand that social media can be that powerful force you can use to maintain or improve public relations. Communicate the brand message clearly to increase brand awareness. Personalize conversations, connect, and communicate not just for marketing purposes but also for providing a great customer service.

One of the pain points of social media content marketers is how to create messages and stories that are relatable or how to transmit the perfect message at the right moment to the right people. In marketing, timing is arguably the most important variable of all. Promotions are like weather reports and news bulletins. People need them when they need them. Too early and they are forgotten. Too late and they are ignored. The main concept of marketing is to convey the right message to the right people at the right moment to effectively reach your target market. And, for most of the beginners and SMEs, it is a matter of fight or flight.

It is time to stop overthinking. You have to start somewhere and figure things out. It also means stop trying to be perfect because we will never ever look perfect for anyone else so take all these things out of your head and put them on a sheet of paper. Increasing your social media footprint can be a double edged sword, so put your best foot forward and stay on top of your platforms. Consumers like to have meaning in what they do that it might add a bit of significance if you let them in in a way that they become part of your marketing strategy. Heard of the word customer centric? The catch is to put more time into your brand’s social life and try staying on top when you engage them with meaningful relatable conversations so customers don’t fall through the cracks.

Being found in organic search is not enough. You still need to build your audience through appropriate and timely distribution, optimization and promotion. The way content is consumed and created nowadays requires lots of hard work but for those who have been consistent with their tasks usually create a bigger impact. While a good chunk of the internet is used for entertainment purposes, an equally good chunk of people used it to find easier solutions for their unsolved problems. Apparently, there is the problem of attention deficit due to the noise coming from your online social apps which tells the need to do more to gain attention.

To have maximum impact, you can either create an audio or a video along with a PDF to penetrate a slice of the pie, a market segment with people who prefer to use the other versions. That’s not going to be an easy task and yes, that would mean creating a lot of content but think of it this way. Most people don’t put in this much effort so if you take the time to share the different formats or versions then you produce a pillar content. Unfortunately, you have to work harder and deliver more value if you want the outcomes of a pillar effect and evergreen content.

You can embrace who you are or hang on to what you were but you just can’t do both. It is important that you become very good at one thing. Pick one format and develop the skill. You’ll get better as you go on creating content and get more done in less time. Keep practicing because talent without work is nothing. The best start is to discover action items that you can immediately apply to your business and start getting results such as curating articles and learning copywriting. However, to help you with this objective no matter what niche you are in, doing a better job with an evergreen content is naturally a good practice.

Reinvent your writing style and give value to relevance. If you love your audience so much to put in the hard work, I guess you must recreate yourself. Put it the effort to reach and impact more people as well as get the benefit of having your content shared by many referrals. Skill up and produce better content. Build your skills as you build your platform one version at a time. Find a way to deliver an ongoing stream of traffic long term that would likely increase your number of website visitors. As you can see, the two most important outcomes of any marketing material are traffic and engagement which includes traffic driven search results. The key is knowing what type of content, format, and technique works best for your niche.

Stop trying to control everything because broadcasting your marketing message would be just like reaching out to the unknown which we have no control of. The internet has become a lot more crowded and you must put your ideas about marketing and life on a perspective where you come up with a solution that makes people talk about your content as well as recommend it to other people. Seek out groups of people who care about what you believe in and find ways to connect by first sharing your content. Promote an experience, not the product. Make them feel they belong because no one starts a conversation to feel alone!

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