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Personal branding is one of the best marketing tools that can help you survive a chaotic world full of so many unwanted noises. Indeed, it is highly important task for a small medium business to establish the personal brand before anything else and track the marketing efforts of the competition so it can refine its own. Do what you need to do incredibly well and focus on the execution of your marketing plan. Read, do research each time you bump on something, get marketing insights and inspiration. With widespread connectivity and social media usage, anyone’s marketing efforts have just gone leaps and bounds across all niche. Know that an excellent customer service helps you to convert prospects and leads to paying customers and even help with the retention. I suggest you rebrand with a personality with a good customer service to back you up and you will be remembered and referred to friends and the community.

I understand that many small businesses and local entrepreneurs were having difficulty getting back to normal operations these days. In fact, many closed during the pandemic. How do you exactly plan to get through life after having experienced failures (plural) and depression (due to failures) with the pandemic and the heartless Odette? As a virtual assistant, I suggest you rebrand and learn to create your personal brand. Yup, we have been quite stubborn to accept that the landscape of selling and marketing has changed a lot since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. As the President of the Philippines, Bongbong Marcos, said in one of his interviews. We are unable to go back to the old ways at this time because it is definitely not coming back. A lot has changed with the crashed of the economy at the start of the pandemic so you need to go with the flow of the digital landscape. Besides prayer, you can do a little something to be heard.

Rebranding your reputation as a freelancer – just put your pants on one leg at a time such as putting a showcase of distinct set of qualities that defines and differentiates you from similarly skilled professionals. Evolve and innovate from your old persona. Completely changing certain aspects of your persona may include your appearance and mindset which can be tough. That constructed image and transformation can make moments and memories in the long run when it starts to change public perception. Once you transformed the brand’s persona, you can upgrade and acquire new skills to hold on to the show.

Along with the new brand persona is determining what your unique selling point is. Show your potential clients that you had made quite an effort to solidify your brand which may depend on the industry you work in. Reinforce your new brand and see how the strategy of adopting a new brand persona impacts the target market. How you present and differentiate your brand persona is a very effective strategy in capturing your specific target market segment. It helps get better results when communicating with your leads because it builds brand conversations that speaks the language of the consumers. This means putting great attention on the characteristics that you portray and may help you stand out in your text and how all these are being perceived, received, and responded.

Here is a tip

Build your personal brand right on your own Facebook page. Start with an inspiration. Remix to make your own. You can either personalize it or simply curate it. Add extra flair and personality to your voice. Amp up the flair. If not successful, then you may need to repurpose your content and set your KPIs. Tweak and start again until you get what your target audience wants!

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