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Reinventing yourself can be truly empowering, yet the idea or the process of rebranding can be pretty daunting too and may take a lot of work to change who you are as a person, how you think of yourself, and how others perceive you. Reinventing yourself means identifying patterns, values or activities that no longer serve you and changing them for better options. Rebranding isn’t something new and businesses do it all the time for a number of reasons. When a brand needs a refresh because it is no longer serving its purpose, you need to reinvent yourself to give back life to it as well as make it sound exciting again. It can involve external characteristics, like job, hobbies, appearance, relationships, and location. True reinvention also happens inside, such as how you think and behave. It will be different for everybody which is what makes it so powerful. Somehow at a certain point in your life, you might find yourself craving for change that requires self-reinvention. When you are not okay with how life turns for you and unhappiness stick around for too long, you may be on for a major reassessment. There’s a whole host of reasons why businesses choose to give their image a shake up and that includes the personal brand of the people behind it. The thought may have some aggressive responses from people who do not understand the real meaning of recreating yourself. Please don’t entertain their sarcasm. Just work on what you have, do what you need to do, and rebrand.

You are a brand in your own right and what sets you apart from the rest are your unique characteristics. To get a good grab of uniqueness, you may want to consider looking at the profiles of influencers and public figures. If your current image no longer fitting of who you are and you want to change public perception, then you must define the characteristics before you present your new self to the world. How you are going to portray your new self helps manage your personal brand and yes going forward, including your reputation. For many people, the work to change sounds impossible and may bring up resistance by itself. How do you recreate yourself and how much do you understand about why you should reinvent yourself?

The first step to changing a personal brand image can be as simple as working on your profile. To recreate yourself, you must work on your profile before anything else. Most people ignore the value of having the right profile headshot. As a virtual assistant service provider, a professional headshot is one important part of your personal branding because it says a lot about you. A profile pic headshot can either attract or repel leads including your present database of customers. People would always want to know who they’ll be working with and that can nail it. keep in mind that a great headshot promotes the best impression about your personal brand possible. It is what your audience, colleagues, and other professionals think of you when they see your image.

You can control how you promote yourself through your profile, post, images of you that you shared online, words and tone of voice, attitude to anything that reflects who you are. How do you want to be seen? When you feel stuck and get bothered about how you were doing in the past and what’s meant to be in life, it is a sign that you may need change. Adopting new habits and having new skills can be tough but breaking old habits can be life changing especially when you exert some effort to let go of the past, step outside your comfort zone, and move forward into the future. Don’t let the failures you experienced in the past define you because it is where you learn how to grow your business in the future.

Everybody wants something that they do not have. But chasing after what you don’t have is only worth it if you’ve deeply considered what it is you really want and why. A new, more positive and affirming way to define your life is by redefining the key words that have shaped it. Redefining means that you have to rethink, repattern, and recreate yourself. Do not accept the roles that society foists on you. Understand that the world wants to assign you a role in life. And once you accept that role you are doomed. Your power is limited to the role you have selected or have been forced to assume.

When you are not satisfied with what is going on in your life and you have been unjustifiably negatively shaped by the stories of the people who wants to pull you down, then this is the sign that you need to seek change in some areas of your life. My life story is not a secret and the emotional, financial, and physical abuse I experienced from my ex husband plummeted my soul to the depths of depression that I actually been thinking of taking my life so many times until that very day one person showed some confidence in my ability to help with his growing business. I decided to take the leap of faith particularly slowly controlling anxiety and coming out of my depression.

Understand that your profile is your resume. Review your profile headshot and portfolio. When you redesign and recreate yourself, you reinvent yourself and teach yourself about how to create the major change so you are able to keep up living with the kind of environment that you have now. You have the power to reinvent yourself and change as long as this change is coming from within, coming from your own voice, from your own feelings, from your own soul and your own depth. And what you choose not to do can be just as important as what you choose to do. Because this is your life.

Social profiles are a tool for change. Indeed, in today’s world, social media has been very powerful in influencing perception and opinion. It may be positive or negative largely depending on your content, tone, and voice which is often based on the one who uses it. I suggest that you first revisit your social profiles because as you create the new you with the right portfolio, you are also able to think what audience you want to connect in each network. For example, on Linkedin I want to connect and engage with professionals while on Facebook, I want to connect with family, friends, and people who love to travel. Work on what needs to be changed and optimized.

Reinventing yourself gives you the chance to connect and engage with the right people. To help you always be at your best self wherever you may be in your personal life, you must revisit your social profiles and do some of the most needed changes. Social apps provide you with a platform to build up the best version of yourself. If you are going through a major shift in your life, you may have to find new ways of thinking or doing things, or risk failing to reach your full potential. Seriously consider a beauty makeover with your social profile. Be the master of your life. Redirect and create a very good resume of yourself right on your Linkedin profile.

When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you. Rather than letting others define it for you, do what can possibly can be done to improve your career, business, and reach. Some leave their hometown, acquire new skills, change the way they speak, have a different perspective and just be happy with the new person they have become – a fulfilled entrepreneur. If you feel like you aren’t meeting your full potential then reinvent yourself to harness the power hidden inside you so you change what is it that you are having now and experience better results of a more fulfilling life.

Doing the impossible to desire greatness and taking the steps to turn that desire into a reality at one point may often times mean fighting against what people who surrounds you think you should do. The ultimate challenge is to make the decision to change the flow of things to a favorable one. Start with your social profile and resume. In turn, this enables you to lead a healthier, happier life. Crafting a new you such as building resilience, boosting confidence, regaining balance and reclaiming control requires deep thinking. Don’t just stand being passive feeling undesired, unaccomplished, unloved, unworthy and non-energetic. Truly, depression is not the answer. I have been through and overcoming it is really a challenge.

Try to reimagine your life based on your own terms and that would be living the life you want that will make you love the person you see in the mirror. I was bitter and was groping in darkness, considered myself a drifter for many years because of what one person did to me. Until I said enough with all these negativity. I focused on building up my social media content marketing skills with the goal to learn more about customer retention, lead generation, landing pages, customer relationship management, and building a sales funnel. These are very important in growing a business online and I want to be part of something big.

Why change? It can be very frustrating when your quality of life is suffering. There may be things that you want to do but there is always something outside of your control that seems to be stopping you from being able to. Change helps you move on and puts you one step further away from the bad situation you wanted to leave behind. Adapting change and reinventing your personal brand moves you closer to your goal. Change allows people to move forward in life and with that change bring more opportunities to improve your quality of life. Keep yourself preoccupied. Never stop learning. Upgrade. Be curious about processes. Improve systems. Those are the key to recreating yourself, which you can sum all up with two words – skills upgrade. It would be impossible to change and rebrand if you do not have anything fresh such as skills upgrade. Never stop learning to live your best life.

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