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The future bends and changes with the kind of options it presents as your alternative. Based on your here and now, you can change the results when you make the right decision at the right time. Timing is very important when making valuable choices. Let’s talk about health for an easy-to-follow example. We all know that your entire health is directly related to your ability to maintain a nutritious diet. Before you can begin to lose weight, you must first be in shape and maintain a nutritious diet. Thus, your eating habits have a significant influence on your weight loss or weight gain. In order to get the benefits of your workouts, you must first supplement them with the necessary minerals and vitamins that your body requires. The inclusion of meals that will not have an influence on your weight loss will increase the likelihood that your meal plan will be effective.

The food satiety index is an indicator of how satisfied a meal makes you feel, which may help you eat less and burn more calories overall. Certain foods, when ingested in big amounts, contain less calories than others because of their lower energy density and weight. Protein rich diets may also help you lose weight. A high protein intake is required by those who participate in regular physical exercise because it helps them feel full while at the same time is also helping them put on the muscle. We’re all looking for the perfect fit and there’s nothing like getting the right thing in the right place at the right time. Your marketing message and your perfect timing are better together at all times.

Focus on things that matter the most – relationships. This is the most simplified marketing concept that I have known across time being a blogger and it simply means to build bonds and maintain connections. Never create a content or even leave home without a plan. Imagine that perfect instance when your ad is served on a silver platter to a prospect who needs your exact offering at that exact moment. You can target anyone, anywhere, anytime but not in the case of budget options. It is important to evaluate choices and act on strategies that efficiently create an extension of your marketing team. Figuring out ahead of time how to work in the buyer’s journey is a good practice.

Creative targeting may simply mean asking yourself the question: What time of the day is best for sending marketing messages? Of course, you need to identify the best time and day in a week when your audience would spend at least a few seconds to read and respond to your message. The goal is to reach your audience at that certain time and mood in the day when they would be most receptive to your marketing message.

For example, I have clients before who wants to send messages during the 8 to 5 office hours but ignored the one rule of most workplaces that restricts using personal cellphones when they are at work. Know that the best time to send marketing messages is when they are in transit and on their bus or train ride or before bed time. Practically, the days and times are a good starting point to close in, refine, and test.

Anything and everything is online right now and you can always catch people on their way home watching or browsing something on their phones. I suggest you ride the bus at certain times of the day and observe if your target audience is available during those times and start posting simple short content. If it gets seen and shared, then that would be your ideal day and time. Be consistent in monitoring your online presence.

Growth is inevitable when you add value and boost your customer experience. Great reviews may help but oftentimes some people use the section to advertise their own businesses which can be disastrous to yours. Most people receiving irrelevant volume of messages from companies actually don’t want to hear from them anymore. In an era of marketing overload from unsolicited messages and ads, you may find your content not being noticed let alone acted on. If only companies communicate the right message with the appropriate format at the right moment, then a great relationship with warm reception can be the most possible outcome.

How familiar are you with emotional and dialogue marketing? They are kind of a wait-and-respond approach that is very sensitive to time and transitions where transitions are a more meaningful lens than transactions in viewing the relationships formed because it focuses on the evolution and the launch of a dialogue. Once a transition triggers a dialogue, it often moves the customer to another transition at which point a new dialogue with a different goal kicks in. Dialogue plays out depending on the content of the message and the urgency of the situation.

To do that, you must learn how to reach your target audience effectively because if you present your message to the wrong people, then you’ll end up wasting your time, energy, and money. First of all, you need to define your target audience. Understand the behavior, psychographic attributes, and the demographics so you can present the appropriate brand persona. Usually, personality is characterized in terms of traits called as the enduring characteristics that influence the behavior across many situations. Remember, your time and money are at risk when you missed the opportunity to market your brand and products to those who are most likely to be genuinely interested in them. Try increasing your revenue by investing in less!

Create useful and relevant content. The more relevant and targeted a content is, the more it will be easier for you to attract what you want to attract. Indeed, content marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads and conversions with less money spent on ads. Make it a combination of images, videos, blog posts and articles. Leverage on influencer marketing which is the go-to marketing style of the digital marketers.  Utilize the power of social media in marketing your brand.

A little recap

  • Focus on things that matter most
  • Identify the target audience
  • Dialogue Marketing
  • PR Communications
  • Emotional Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Brand Persona
  • Wait and Respond Approach
  • Behavior and Psychology
  • Use of Relevant Content

Take the time to do some research and plan your marketing message. It saves time and money including improving customer relationship and engagement because knowing who are interested in buying your product or service is key to building a thriving business. Getting the word out about your business called as brand awareness is necessary in effectively allocating your marketing budget. The more specific you get with your strategy, the easier would it be to reach out and grow your audience with less advertising expenditure.

Add value and it will start to appeal to those that matters. Uncover and connect to your audience. Everyone is not your customer and that’s OK! Research your target customers beforehand so you can prepare the correct marketing materials. Set benchmarks for how well your marketing strategy converts leads into customers. Track where leads are coming from so you know what is and isn’t effective. Try something else if it is not working.


Marketing is all about the message and one of the most common mistakes marketers do is not having a clear message. Most business owners are not great at crafting messages that is why it is crucial that you learn some copywriting skills and have a clear understanding about the offer. You can’t do everything yourself so you have to take things one at a time. The marketing plan should include a timeline that allows each strategy enough time to succeed or fail before you move on to the next step. There is a frequency of impressions you need to make on people before they more to action. So, create a plan that builds trust and shows value. The hardest is the easiest to say – build a relationship!

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