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Magic happens when you move beyond your comfort zone. Don’t let your depression and negativity get in the way of actually getting the real work done! Doing things backwards is one good way to find products to sell easier and that would be finding a buyer you may connect to advertise or apply to every single job you can find while looking for products or items to sell. This is what I call stage 1 survival in building your own business. The idea is to actually find your buyer first and then work backwards. However, all these can be facilitated if you work on your profile first. Having a good profile that reflects value with a terrific brand personality can help connect fast with the right audience. Indeed, your social media profile is your first free tool for marketing and sales because in the marketplace, it is may not only be the product they pick but it may be all about the brand image they want to associate with. Get it?

Why profile personality and branding? A stable brand personality promoted with an original brand message creates brand loyalty. No product or service is dull if you just stick to what worked in the past and build on it, no need to fix it if it ain’t broke! Position your brand to stand out from the crowd. Give your brand a purpose so that people know why to buy it. For example, Lovely Homes Cebu is a brand run by a real estate sales person in Cebu for people looking for temporary accommodations on a budget with basic amenities. Literally discover how to make your target audience perceive, think and feel about your brand. A company executive who wants control over a brand image who would likely control what employees write about their company may not be able to make it happen! Consistency is the key. You need a brand custodian who makes sure that the marketing attempts to experiment does not harm the brand foundation. Stick to your brand ideals and people will trust you.

The right persona always attracts the right audience and it can make or break your brand in the marketplace. Brand personality is your image that you show to your segmented market audience. It’s everything from your Name, Identity, Color, Tone of voice, Packaging, Price, Style of advertising, and the Product or Service itself. It is never been about the employee itself. For example, if that employee has a God given talent to naturally draw people to its feed but you are trying to let the employee act according to your standards online then you are hurting the natural ability of that person to draw in the crowd and make your company reach become global. As long as the topics are relevant to the brand personality, give your employees the freedom to brag about your company.

Cut your loses and create simple marketing campaigns. It’s good to repeat the things which were successful in the past and if something doesn’t work anymore, do not consider the sunk cost, just stop the campaign and build another one. Another hint is to create an original message and be consistent with it. I do hunt jobs as a Virtual Assistant Philippines work from home but I also experiment on marketing campaigns and content that would give value to my customers businesses without them knowing to help promote their businesses. Of course, I would do this if the company is humanly good to me. I would not want their marketing and sales efforts to fail so I do research in my free time.

Before I became a Virtual Assistant, I was a PhD/MBA Dissertation Writer. I love research and I love to write but I also happen to love photography. With all the domestic problems I have in life, I found myself simply lying in bed one day and imagining what business or work to have from home that won’t let me spend money for capital. Well, if you focus on one solution, the vision will come to life by itself. My goal was to set up a business without capital and that would mean offering services that can’t be stolen. So, I offered my service as a PhD/MBA Dissertation Writer that was slowly transitioned to offering the service Virtual Assistant Philippines Work from Home. At that moment I was puled and drowned with domestic and financial crisis, I didn’t have much choice for selecting the business I want. Service is the least that I can do that would help me survive my financial crisis! I chatted and connected to people who marketed the same service and blog all the time about my life and my service. The blog was a hobby but yes, I just realized it was a nice marketing tool. I cannot count the blogs I did in the past, some I haven’t visited for years, but they all helped promote the service yet little of the brand. My current goal now is to build a brand with a persona!

Back to the first topic of finding your business backwards, what I did was an example and you should learn from the Amazon queens too. How they search about what works and find the products that people want to buy. Just giving you my 6 cents.

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