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Relevance Matters! Business profiles must learn to create the right brand persona to attract the specific target segment, connect, and build relationships. Be who you want to be perceived in places that matters to your audience across all types of content. If you are hesitant to act as your own brand endorser, know that magic only happens when you move beyond your comfort zone. Tap into your audience personal moments and emotions and don’t let your depression and negativity get in the way of actually getting the real work done! Having a good profile that reflects value with a terrific brand personality can help connect fast with the right audience. Indeed, in the marketplace, consumers may not only pick the product but also happen to choose the brand image they want to associate with. Consider your social media profile is your first free tool for marketing and sales. It is your passphrase in connecting and building real relationships with the people that follows you.

Presence matters. You should hire a Virtual Assistant Philippines who is also a social media specialist and blogger to help you in building your brand personal through content marketing. If you don’t have the time or notice that the business growth is quite slow, quickly hire an arm extension to do the social media content marketing. You should be doing the marketing analytics and strategic planning instead of completing repetitive tasks. It is not easy to build a brand or even a professional profile when your hands and mind are full. Time is of the essence. Although you may think you can do it all, burn out has always been an unwanted result in most cases.

Why profile personality and branding? A stable brand personality promoted with an original brand message creates brand loyalty. No product or service is dull if you just stick to what worked in the past and build on it, no need to fix it if it ain’t broke! The community you are building on your social profile matters because audiences don’t just scroll social media, they intentionally search for content and creators or public figures that they can relate to and would want to connect deeply with what matters most to them. When brands meet their audiences within the community they had built with effortless well-thought content, they’re able to tap into that need for connection and build real relationships in every step of the customers purchase journey.

Unconventional approaches may stand out but creating the right relevant stories are your greatest advantage. Make moments relevant for your brand and build your empire from moments to moments. Stand out with greater brand differentiation and distinctiveness, drive stronger memorability, signal market leadership, increase competitiveness, upsell and cross-sell across categories, build recall and loyalty over time. This is not hard to do. Just play with your content and see how it goes. Internet marketing is actually a lot of experimentation and AB testing. Know when to share and what to share at the right moment. Maximize share-of-voice using videos and then amplify the moment. Create your visuals in a way that you are able to convey a clear message as well as tell the significance.

Design your visuals with varied lengths and outcome varieties. Purpose led stories can be good for tailored messaging without a pitch. Focus on search intent and call-for-action formats. Position your brand to stand out from the crowd. Give your brand a purpose so that people know why they would want to buy it. Literally discover how to make your target audience perceive, think and feel about your brand. A company executive who wants control over a brand image who would likely control what employees write about their company may not be able to make it happen! You cannot dictate what people think and how your brand should run online. It is all about perception. Perception about what you share that is relevant with your niche and that somehow connects with your brand.

A brand persona shows the personality or characteristics of your company, how it wants to present itself to customers, and what it can do to make the customers special and valued. Building a brand persona is just a part of a complete online presence strategy. That is why this is such an important tool in creating a successful online brand. I would suggest you try to differentiate your business with this strategy. While a buyer persona relates to those whom your company wants to talk, the brand persona indicates how you will be able to do so. It involves the characteristics that stand out in your text, the message you’re aiming to deliver, and how all of this is received and perceived. Though we strive to build brand conversations that talk the language of our consumers, there’s always a part of a brand that always shows off called as the brand persona.

Consistency is the key. You need a brand custodian to make sure the attempts for an AB testing does not harm the brand foundation. Stick to your brand ideals and people will trust you. Cut your loses and create simple marketing campaigns. It’s good to repeat the things which were successful in the past and if something doesn’t work anymore, do not consider the sunk cost, just stop the campaign and build another one. Another hint is to create an original message and be consistent with it. The harder part is building a landing page with focused copywriting that would lead everything to your sales funnel. On top of this, you must learn to build a brand with a persona and move forward one step at a time.

The right persona always attracts the right audience and it can make or break your brand in the marketplace. Brand personality is your image that you show to your segmented market audience. It’s everything from your Name, Identity, Color, Tone of voice, Packaging, Price, Style of advertising, and the Product or Service itself. It is never been about the employee itself. For example, if that employee has a God given talent to naturally draw people to its feed but you are trying to let the employee act according to your standards online then you are hurting the natural ability of that person to draw in the crowd and make your company reach become global. As long as the topics are relevant to the brand personality, give your employees the freedom to brag about your company.

A very good example is Google and Apple where the Mac and the PC guys introduce themselves to the camera and banter about what each of them can or can’t do. Google also taught the bloggers and online marketers how they can go about their visuals. That would be the general concept of a brand persona. It’s what people perceive in your brand every time they interact with its products, social media content, and customer relationships department. Everything has been personified and what they did is actually very simple. Building a brand persona and building a brand itself are very similar things when you look at them up close. You may need to stop and think about how you would likely answer this question – what makes your brand?

The traits of the brand persona should be complementary to your buyer persona. It can be anything. It’s how you map your persona’s personality and build it, developing a tone of voice, a graphic style, and other traits that matter. The best brands, as if by magical incantation, come to take on a life of their own, becoming more than the sum of their parts. Becoming, in the end, larger even than the company from which they’re born. This is the beauty of branding. In a competitive landscape, difference is everything. A brand helps your company stand out in a crowded marketplace. An organization’s brand is a badge that tells the world how good or bad the company is. Your brand is either singing your success or whimpering your weakness. In this way, a brand is all of a company’s wins and all of its losses captured in a single gestalt, its strength and weakness instantiated.

Just so we’re clear, anything your brand puts out into the world can contribute to its brand personality. You need a face behind the brand. The most important reason why your organization needs a “face” is that it will help your brand connect to your audience. All customers are a brand’s audience, but not all audiences are a brand’s customers. A brand personality enables a brand to move those who consume its content from audience to customer and eventually to a brand ambassador. A brand in its entirety needs to first develop a relationship with its customers. When customers develop an affinity for a brand, they develop a life-long attachment to it, which increases customer retention and at the same time, builds life-long loyalty.

If you think about iconic brands like Apple, you see how brand personality impacts the bottom line of a company. Apple’s audiences aren’t just customers in the typical sense of that word. They are so much more. They are evangelists. And this is all due to Apple’s iconic brand persona which has called more than 3 generations to connect so deeply with the company that it becomes almost impossible for these customers to separate themselves from the company or disengage with it without losing who they are. As competition creates infinite choices, companies look for ways to connect emotionally with customers, become irreplaceable, and create lifelong relationships.

Set up your brand personality tone and voice now before you end up wasting your money with paid ads. It is best to prepare the website and create the brand image first before you sell using paid advertisement campaigns. I have been doing a lot of research about what kind of brand image I would create only to find out that I would just be seriously ME. So I rebranded and recreated ME with a content that makes sense in the professional world of virtual assistants. Many people are getting confused about how to go through their rebranding process and end up posting almost any content. At least 60% of your content should be about your brand while the 40% should be about relevant stories or content otherwise the bots and search engines will consider your website or profile under a different category. Figure it out!

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