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Skills can be taught, hire for attitude! This specific line always make me remember the Southwest Airlines that made this business strategy with KPIs a success and also the Heathrow airport in London. Success in business starts with finding the right person with the right attitude and people skills that will thrive within your company culture especially if you are in the service industry. Quite simply, skills can be taught. Attitude cannot. You’ve probably had the experience of hiring someone who you thought was perfect for the job only to find out later that the person could not work within the organization. The employee you just hired may have the talent but not a good collaborator.

A person who is a good collaborator is someone who beyond being competent has an attitude that coincides with your corporate culture. Hiring people with talent but are not suited to the work environment may result in problems of maladjustment and crumpy work motivation which in a straightforward perspective can’t make things happen without stressful arguments. In other words, finding the right person with the right attitude and mindset may be the right way to guarantee smooth relationships within the organization that would lead to a better performance. Due to teamwork relationship problems such as difficulty adapting cooperating and listening, companies should start seeing the value of attitude in the workplace. Choose the right person for you!

The secret to success is hiring the right person with the right attitude and work ethics perspective who can wear your hat and feel fulfilled with the variety of tasks they do at the end of day. Hire people who are capable and competent but also have the right attitude for your kind of culture that you have been persistently building in your organization. For example, Southwest Airlines has been providing top notch customer service because it has obviously communicated its value to and by their employees.

Employees wearing the same hat makes any organization unique. A perfectly fitted hat keeps the interaction and work flow smoothly. This means that companies should refrain from hiring those who cannot wear their hat because their attitude may not be a good fit for the company. Remember, your personality repels or attracts people and it can also definitely break or make your organization efforts to be productive and grow.

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